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How to add Images to Canvas Apps from camera or picture gallery

Adding pictures is quite fantastic and super fun in the canvas app. There are multiple ways to add pictures

  • Camera control – that opens up the camera on the user’s device

  • Another way is Attachment control – easier to implement

The attachment control is a file uploader, which allows uploading the images in all canvas app allowed image formats. This behaves accordingly to devices like using a phone, tablet, or computer.

On Phones or tablets, this brings a pop up that allows

  • Open camera

  • Choose from pictures

  • Choose actual files

In such devices, this gives more flexibility, but on computers, it opens up a file loader that allows selecting any picture from the computer

Let’s see how we can implement the images uploader

Step 1 - Open the maker portal (( and create a new app.

Step 2 - Insert a form and set the data source

Step 3- Change the form mode from edit to New

Step 4- Rename the Control as Images

Step 5- Insert a blank horizontal gallery to display the uploaded images

Step 6- Set the data source as a collection

Step 7 – Insert the Media – Image, to show the images

Step 8 - Set image property in formula bar “Image = ThisItem.value

Step 9- Save the app and hit the play button.

Source Code - Please download the app from this link Github

Happy learning!!


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