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Learning Links of Azure Development -(AZ-204)

Hello everyone, I am exploring the Azure development arena, so thought to develop a dictionary of all important Azure learning topics and corresponding links. I am sure this will help everyone who all are willing to extend their forte in Azure.

This dictionary will help to get all important Azure topics, sub-topics, and corresponding MS - Learn links. I have tied to cover maximum development concept that an Azure developer is supposed to know. This list is verbose and took a significant amount of time to develop.

Introduction to Microsoft Azure Development

Why Clould Development is important

Microsoft Azure

The Azure Portal

Tools & Environment

Compute Services & Deploy Web App


Azure SQL Databases

Blob Storage

Connecting App to Storage

Security Responsibility

Security Options in Azure & Best Practices

Azure Active Directory

OAuth2 with MSAL (Microsoft Authentication Library)

Monitoring and logging in Azure

What is Azure Function

Setting up Azure Subscription and Storage Account

Securing Function

Logic Apps

Event Grid with Azure Function

Deploying Services

Deploy Web App

Fundamentals of Kubernetes

Dockerinzing Azure Functions

Working with Azure Container Registry

Deploying App with Kubernetes

Happy learning..

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