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Dataflows with Power Query

Dataflows is an advanced data migration tool that's directly available in the Power Platform Maker Portal. Dataflows can import data from a large number of different data sources, as illustrated in the below screenshot

We can see, many of the widely used databases systems, business applications, and other data sources are supported, and the number of sources is growing constantly. The tool has the following capabilities:

  • It is possible to specify data to be imported for multiple entities.

  • The tool offers advanced mapping and data transformation capabilities provided by the Power Query data transformation language.

  • While importing data into CDS, the import can be performed for existing entities, as well as for entities created on the fly during the import.

  • Relationships between imported data are preserved.

  • The data flow can be configured for one-time immediate execution or scheduled execution. This capability makes it possible to implement a data integration solution that refreshes the CDS data regularly.

Dataflows can be used as the preferred tool for every situation where there is data available in consolidated structures, ready to be imported into CDS after performing some transformations and mappings.

Happy learning..

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