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How to Move BPF stage from One Entity Stage to Another entity on Action OOTB

Business case

We got a requirement from our client that a guided process need to develop across lead & account entity for the lead management process . The condition was once the business user qualifies for the lead record and the BPF stage should move from the lead entity stage (Prospect) to the next account entity stage (Finish) automatically. Moving from one BPF stage to another is a bit easy if the BPF is developed on a single entity, but we are required to jump from one entity to another.


The goal is to simplify the process within Dynamics CE/CRM for end-users, and also support reporting and communication needs. Earlier the business process flow was spread around two entities i.e. lead & account. Once the business user qualifies the lead and moves to the next step, the corresponding created account is required to select manually by business users to go to the next stage.


Step 1- Develop a BPF spread across the Lead & Account entities.

Step 2- Create a relationship (Many to one) from Lead entity to Lead_to_Account (BFP entity)

Step 3 - Create a workflow on Lead_to_Account (BPF entity) on process change

Step 4 - Update the Lead entity with created relationship attribute from Lead_to_Account(BFP entity) with currently created account from originating lead qualification.

Step 5- Write another workflow on Lead_to_Account(BFP entity) that trigger on lead qualification. Update the BFP stage from Prospect (Stage1) to Finish (Stage2).


1- Create a new lead, the current active stage is Prospect

2- On lead qualification

Happy learning!!


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