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Creating a Power App from existing SQL Server Table data

The majority of the time we create the Power Apps from scratch but if we have a data structure that already exists and need a robust and flexible application to handle it. For these situations, there are some ready-to-use procedures in the Microsoft ecosystem that allow the creation of applications from a particular set of data. so in this article, we’ll create a Canvas App from an already provisioned Azure SQL database table.

To provision Azure SQL Database single database please follow this link

Step 1 - Login to the Azure portal,, and from the main search, create a SQL Server database server & SQL database.

Step 2- If you don’t have SQL client installed at your machine, then connect this with Visual Studio.

Step 3- Open a Data explorer and create a table.

Step 4 - Populate sample data in to table

Step 5 - Open the make portal and select the environment and create an app from SQL template “Start from a SQL data source to create a three-screen - app.

Step 6- Add SQL Connectors and select the table "Employee"

Step 6 - Connect the table, this will automatically generate the three-screen power apps from the SQL table data and list the details. Hit the play button.

List Screen -

Add Screen

Edit Screen

Detail Screen

Happy learning!!

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