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Power Virtual Agents for a Learning Academy - The use case

Updated: May 25, 2020


This article is to harness the Power Virtual Agents capability for a learning academy.

Let us pretend that a college school has a counseling department. There is only one concealer and this person is to advise many students. To make the counselor's job manageable why not create a chatbot!

Another use case would be a renowned instructor-led academy was getting a lot of queries over live chat window, on how one can start their career to become a Microsoft Business Developer, what would be the career path to gain the knowledge, related study material, etc. Responding to student queries were taking much time and consume their maximum bandwidths of the academy customer service team.


1- There was a lag in reply as the service agents were not able to answer all student's queries at the same time.

2- The students were not happy as they were not getting replies in real-time.

3- The academy's credibility was degrading in the market due to delay or no response to all students

4- Also all above were impacting on the academy revenue


Power Virtual Agents empower us to easily create powerful chatbots using a guided, no-code graphical interface. This addresses the major issues i.e. need immediate assistance to students over online chat as well send them a guided path over an email too. This also ensures no delay in responding to student's queries, which solves the major pain area for both parties. The solution also leads to students’ satisfaction to get a reply to their queries and improvising the academy's reputation.

Benefits of the chatbot solution

1- 24 X 7 real-time response to students

2- Improvement in Customer satisfaction

3- A guided flow to connect students on their career path

4- Autopilot mode support 24 X 7

5- Natural language conversational

6- Monitors all chat records and measure the performance

In this conversion structure, when the student would interact with the chatbot by entering a triggering phrase like “Hi”, “Hello”, “Good Morning”, etc.. would get a prompt response from Power Virtual Agents with an option to select the business application area.

On the student's selected application option, the chatbot would navigate them deeper level by asking relevant questions about their application interest. The first response from the Power Virtual Agents to students will be a web link, to start subject learning in the specific area. Interested students would get relevant study material in their mailbox,the Power Virtual Agents would send these with the help of the power automate job after receiving their name and email address as input.

Happy Learning..

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