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Power Platform Application Design Considerations

These questions must be vetted before designing any enterprise-grade solutions using Power Platform

  • What is the organization's level of attraction to Microsoft technology in general?

  • Is the organization prepared to take a cloud solution?

  • Does the organization require the cloud solution to reside in a certain geographical region or country?

  • What kind of authentication ecosystem is established? Is it Microsoft's active directory or something different?

  • What are the IT security policies? Does the organization allow mobile workers?

  • What are the data protection policies?

  • Would the organization possibly require a data protection solution that cannot be implemented using a public cloud approach?

  • Is there any approved and followed cloud integration strategy?

  • What kind of legacy systems are operated in the organization? Do they offer any kind of API?

  • Is the organization using existing middleware for enterprise application integration? Is this solution compatible with Microsoft technology?

  • How consistent are the business processes across the organization? Are there major deviations in different regions? Is the organization able to consolidate business processes?

  • How many different languages should the solution support? Is the organization prepared to translate the terminology of the Dynamics 365 apps and their extensions into all required languages?

  • What is the planned user distribution across the globe? Are there any business and non-business hours? What times might be more suitable for running batch jobs?

  • What is the level of maturity of the organization's adoption and change management? Are they able to ensure smooth adoption of a major new IT solution?

All of these questions and certainly many more will impact how a Power Platform solution could be implemented, what are the areas with possibly increased efforts, and what are the major project risks and how to mitigate them.

Happy learning..

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